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Don’t Keep Us A Secret!

Earn a $200 Visa gift card for any referral that becomes a qualified customer*

If you know someone looking to grow their business, we’d love to help.

Get a $200 Visa Gift Card for anyone referred to us that becomes a qualified Spectrum customer!*


Step 1
Simply fill out our referral form. Once we receive your submission, one of our experienced sales and marketing professionals will reach out to the referred party offering their assistance.

Step 2
Our approach will be low-pressure, respectful and give you all the credit for wishing to help their business grow. If your referral becomes a qualified customer* of Spectrum Marketing Companies, you will be rewarded with a $200 Visa gift card.
(If your corporate policy prohibits acceptance of these types of rewards we can issue your Spectrum account with an equivalent credit or make a donation to your favorite charity in your name)

VISA Gift Card
*To be considered a qualified customer, referral must purchase a local advertising program, direct mail campaign, printing or similar product with a minimum value of $500. Only 1 referral reward per new customer will be awarded. In the event more than one individual refers the same business, the first entry made into the system online will determine the recipient. Referrals must be from outside of the company making the referral and not to other points of contact within the same organization.

Improve your marketing campaign performance, conversions, tracking and attribution.