Powerful Local Direct Mail Advertising that Delivers Marketing Results

Spectrum Monthly magazine is perfect for New Hampshire or Massachusetts businesses that are looking to increase sales, build brand recognition and loyalty, or to advertise a new product or service through local direct mail marketing.

  • "There's not a lot of businesses like ours so we've expanded into both MA and NH Spectrum's and feel we've gotten recognition and business from both those areas."

    Ruthie Ryan Nashua Sew & Vac | Owner
  • "With Spectrum, the design work is top notch. I'm always happy with it, I don't have to worry about it and I know it's going to get done right. So that's helped me grow my business through the years."

    Gregory Hughes LaserCraze / Owner
  • "I started with a Spectrum Monthly advertisement, then they helped create our new logo, developed menus, magnets and menu signage - plus 3-4 times a year we do a very successful direct mailer as well."

    Brian Surran Pizza Mia / Owner
  • "When we first spoke, I wasn’t sure this was the right fit for our business. Nearly six years and countless sales later, we run every month, and refer our business associates to the publication."

    Dick Horan Precision Imports
  • "I am always pleased with the results of my advertising. Our response is immediate. People bring in coupons and our ad the day it is out and for several weeks thereafter!"

    Mark Smith Lobster Tail of Windham
  • "We are located in Milford, NH and get new clients from the Nashua and Manchester areas. The results are fantastic and Spectrum has proven that the publication works."

    Sterling Trumphour The Happy Butcher

Delivering Results to Local Businesses with Creative Design, Flexible Marketing Strategies, and Great Offers!


Spectrum Monthly is New Hampshire’s largest fully audited direct mail publication which is mailed to over 300,000 homes of current and future customers. The printed advertising publication will help generate new sales and develop new customer relationships for your business in a cost-effective way!

Zoned Distribution

Zoned distribution allows advertisers to efficiently target the markets that will deliver the highest rate of return. View Zones

Flexible Pricing

Our flexible pricing and creative advertising options provide a range of innovative solutions that are without parallel in the industry. View Advertising Rates

Top 6 Reasons Spectrum Outperforms

Shelf Life

Spectrum Monthly gives your business exposure through an entire month with one of the longest shelf lives of any advertising format.

Loyal Readership

A 26 year history, name recognition, monthly contests and a wide variety of advertisers have given us a loyal readership.

Extensive Dining Section

From fast food to fine dining, Spectrum has become a leading source for dining and entertainment values.

Diversity of Advertising

Spectrum features advertising from more than 800 local businesses each month, offering readers a diversity of products and services.

Efficient Targeting

Spectrum’s mail distribution allows our advertisers to efficiently target the markets that will deliver the highest rate of return.

Online Version

Our advertisers also get the benefit of extending their reach to customers outside of the areas they’ve chosen to advertise.

96% advertiser repeat ratio!

Spectrum Monthly Advertising Options

Learn more about our powerful direct mail marketing solutions and how we deliver results.


Find the zone or zones you would like to advertise in and the circulation numbers for each.


Find rates for display advertisement placement within the Spectrum Monthly magazine.


Maximize your product or service exposure with high visibility placement.


Insert a stand alone print piece in the zone, town or zip you want to target for less.


Stitched directly to the outside cover of Spectrum, this piece is highly visible.


A free standing direct mail piece that’s delivered separately in the mailbox along with Spectrum.

Our Mission
The Spectrum Monthly “Formula for Success” is to provide local businesses with a diverse, flexible and cost-effective advertising publication that combines the impact of direct mail with a reader-friendly format to yield a superior return on their advertising investment.

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