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Spectrum Monthly Sales Representative – General Job Description

The following is a general job description for Spectrum Monthly sales representatives including general duties, expectations, reporting and anticipated working hours.


  • Prospect specific businesses in assigned territory likely to be potential advertisers for the Spectrum Monthly publication.
  • Active cold calling on target businesses by personally visiting each establishment and attempting to build a relationship with the owner or manager responsible for advertising decisions.
  • Sell advertising related to the Spectrum Monthly publications including; ads, DACs, inserts, outserts and other related promotions.
  • Sales of other product categories such as; print, direct mail, signs and promotional products should only be pursued with the approval of sales management to ensure that primary sales objectives related to Spectrum Monthly products are achieved first.
  • The sales representative is completely responsible for developing effective advertising copy for each client, submitting it to Spectrum’s graphics department on a timely basis and obtaining client approvals for each ad before it is run.
  • The sales representative is completely responsible for submitting appropriate paperwork required to bill the client including accurately prepared insertions orders that must be signed by the customer.
  • In the case of delayed payment the sales representative is solely responsible for the collection of all outstanding balances from the customers they have sold.


  • 15-20 cold call visits per day.
  • See all current customers at least once per month within a timeframe reasonable to prepare and proof all current advertising.
  • 3-10 new ad customers per month.
  • Submit all ads, inserts, DACs and outserts by the required deadlines.


  • All Spectrum Monthly sales representatives report directly to Kim Gagnon.
  • All account contacts should be entered into Quickbase as they are identified.

Work Hours:

  • The sales representative will start every working business day from Monday to Friday in the office no later than 8:00AM and plan to attend all scheduled sales meetings unless absence is specifically authorized in advance by the sales manager (Kim Gagnon).
  • Required sales meetings will include:
    • Monday morning meetings at 8:30AM in the office of the Presidents.
    • 1-2 Spectrum Monthly team meetings per month at 7:30AM in the upstairs conference room.
    • Attendance at the Full Sales Team meeting one Wednesday morning per month at 7:30AM.
    • Attendance at the appropriate meeting for Pre-deadline and Post-deadline reviews (8:30AM on one Tuesday and Thursday per month).
  • Must participate on deadline night in the review and preparation of the books specific to the representative’s assigned territory.
  • The majority of the business day should be spent in the field prospecting or working with existing clients.

Physical Requirements:

  • Prolonged motor vehicle driving within assigned territories.
  • Considerable and frequent oral communication.
  • Regular periods sitting at desk.
  • Frequent walking.
  • Considerable periods of screen time.
  • Fine motor capabilities for telephone, keyboard, drafting ad copy, filing.
  • Occasional lifting up to 50 pounds.

The Spectrum Marketing Companies are Equal Employment Opportunity employers.

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