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Coupons and Advertising

Coupons are like money. They drive people to your business.
At Spectrum Monthly, we believe in the power of great coupons and special offers because they are proven to increase engagement with ads and drive traffic to your business.

Using coupons for advertising is critical for successful direct marketing campaigns because they can benefit both consumers and business owners.  Coupon advertising in Spectrum Monthly is critical to driving high response to your advertisements!

Consumers save money using coupons, while business owners benefit from increased traffic and sales. And trackable ROI!

Spectrum Monthly has been the leader in direct mail coupon advertising in New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts since 1991 because we advertise local, to local, with savings on their favorite businesses. Because consumers have less free time and less discretionary income these days; our large 10.5″ x 10.5″ easy-to-read magazine format enables readers to find what they are looking for easily.

Never get lost in the shuffle of old-looking black & white newspaper coupons.

All advertisements in Spectrum Monthly are in full color so your coupon or special offer will always have the impact it was designed for!


The full-color magazine is filled with ads, coupons, exclusive special offers, and reader contests that drive more traffic to your potential customers. An extensive dining section from fast food to fine dining featuring exclusive coupons found only in Spectrum Monthly, keeps customers coming back month after month. The magazine’s shelf life is a month or longer, which gives your advertisement repeat exposure, meaning more time to generate response – and more business for you!  Learn more >

Spectrum Monthly Coupon

Coupons are currency

Coupons are the most efficient and trackable type of advertising. You can easily measure your total sales and the value generated from your direct marketing campaign or advertisement with a coupon promotion.

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Use Great Offers

Customers will react much better to strong coupons and offers. Something that is offered as “free” will not only attract first-time customers, but will also persuade current customers to try new products or services that you offer.

6 Reasons Your Direct Marketing Campaign Should Include Coupons

Not convinced? Here are just six of the reasons you can’t afford to leave coupons out of your Spectrum Monthly advertisements or direct mail marketing campaigns. Read More >

  1. Customer Tracking
  2. Targeted Campaigns
  3. Increased Loyalty
  4. Customer Retention
  5. Brand Reinforcement
  6. Higher ROI
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Learn more about how you can gain measurable ROI with the power of direct mail coupon advertising from Spectrum Monthly

Improve your marketing campaign performance, conversions, tracking and attribution.