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Meet Your Merchant

If you are interested in having your business highlighted in our July Meet Your Merchant Special Edition, please reach out to your representative to lock in your spot today!

Don’t miss this opportunity to share your story with the Spectrum Monthly community!

It’s not work, it’s your passion and our readers would like to know more.

Why did you get started? What is your mission, your purpose, your drive? What makes you different?

Use this incredible opportunity and reputable platform to share your story.

Our readers are looking forward to meeting their merchant!

Meet Your Merchant Special Edition in July
  • Keep readers & returning customers informed about your business by providing updates on changes to your business including promotions, renovations, new equipment or more.
  • Connect with readership as you tell your unique business success story.
  • Keep customers in the know – you are open and here for them!
  • Add legitimacy and get more for your marketing dollar!


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Copyright © 2022 Spectrum Marketing Companies / Spectrum Monthly Publications